Third Grader Raises More Than $75K For K9 Protective Vests

Police officers and their canine partners often risk their lives on the job. While their human handlers are often decked out in protective gear, it seems like not all K9s actually have the same protection. Protective vests aren’t exactly cheap and some police stations can only manage to buy a few for their dogs, if they can at all. Fortunately, one concerned citizen has taken it upon himself to change this.


Brady’s K9 Fund

Brady Snakovsky is a nine-year-old boy from Strongsville, Ohio. Despite just being a third grader, he’s already achieved something that a lot of adults will never get to: starting a charitable organization.

The determined boy founded Brady’s K9 Fund in 2018 after watching an episode of Live PD where he saw a police dog not wearing a protective vest.

Brady, who dreams of becoming a police officer just like his stepdad, thought it wasn’t fair especially because all the police dog handlers were wearing one.


He started out by creating a GoFundMe page for his cause and eventually founded Brady’s K9 Fund.

His main goal is to raise enough money to outfit K9s across the United States with the ballistic and bulletproof vests they need. It is an ambitious dream considering that these vests cost around $1,000 to $1,200 a pop.

But he hasn’t let that prevent him from trying.



Fundraising efforts

To let people know about his GoFundMe campaign, the shy Brady overcame his introverted nature and went to community events to talk and spread the word about his advocacy. He even started selling candy to add money to the fund.

And with his mom Leah’s help, Brady personally wrote to his local congressman telling him about police dogs in need of protective vests.

Leah spoke about it in a GoFundMe feature:

“Brady is an introvert, but he’s really come out of his shell. At school, his teacher shared his story, and I had moms reach out that their children went home and wanted to donate.”


Brady’s efforts paid off in the end.

As of latest, he has raised enough to give out vests to 84 police dogs.

The mother and son team are currently working on raising funds for the 51 other police dogs on their waiting list.


A recent vest recipient

Just last month, Brady outfitted a police dog called Benny from the Parma Police Department with a full body ballistic vest. What’s even more endearing is that he really made sure that he did the research before buying the vest he gave away.

A lot of police officers were initially uninterested in the protective vests since they thought that they would be similar to the old and cumbersome vests they have used before. But the aspiring police officer and his mom found a vest that is lighter and better for K9 dogs.


Parma police officer Bryan Bernow talked about Brady’s efforts in an interview:

“By raising the money to get so many police K9s ballistic vests, he has helped to ensure my partner and so many others come home at night to their families and be able to return to work the next day to fulfill our duty as police officers.”

That’s powerful.

Brady is doing an amazing amount of good for a kid who is only in the third grade.


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