Owner Dumps Over-Bred Deformed Dog At A Bar, Shelter Fears She Won’t Find A Home

Emmie, a 5-month-old Chihuahua-Yorkie mix, was found scared and alone in a bar. RSPCA officers who came to rescue her noticed that she had a twisted spine and deformed front legs, which made it difficult for her to walk long distances.  

Rescuers believe that Emmie’s situation is possibly because of over-breeding. “Teacup dogs” have been a popular fascination for quite some time now. So, breeders resort to over-breeding the dogs and keep them on minimum food. The malnutrition often leads to the birth of pups with birth disorders.

In spite of her setbacks, Emmie is a sweet and loving pooch. The shelter workers are scared that she wouldn’t have any takers. Let’s share Emmie’s plight and help her find the perfect forever home

Update: Kate Wright, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, was moved to tears when she heard about Emmie’s story. Kate had recently lost her family dog. She and her other dog named Sapphire were still coping with this heavy loss. She immediately decided to foster Emmie.



Little Emmie instantly started comforting Kate and her family with her soothing personality! As Kate helped Emmie overcome her disabilities, Emmie started growing up into a gentle and loving girl.

Kate soon decided to officially adopt her. She has even acquired a custom sling bag to help Emmie move around when she is tired. Kate sees Emmie as a ray of hope in her life, and promises to always keep her safe and comfortable! This beautiful rescue has lifted up our spirits!