Man Carries French Bulldog To Garbage Can & Dumps Him In It On A Hot Day

Please share and pass this story onto a friend or family member above! When Anthony Logrippo heard about someone dumping a French Bulldog in a garbage bin near his store in the Bronx section of New York, he immediately sprung into action.

He watched a surveillance video of a man tossing the poor helpless dog into the bin.

Source: Jason Cohen/YouTube

“This didn’t make sense because the dog had a collar and a leash,” Logrippo stated. “You can see the dog was trying to get out. It’s just mind-blowing. It’s not right that someone should do this to an animal and go live their normal life.”

Despite many attempts to contact the dog’s owner, people had no success.

Logrippo rushed into action and peered into the garbage container, but the animal had passed away. Logrippo took the dog to the Bronx County Animal Hospital. Dr. Sean Solomon explained how that particular breed is prone to heatstroke. The doctor believes the animal had fainted and his owner thought the dog was dead, so he disposed of the body.

Sadly, the dog likely tried over and over to get out of the garbage can before finally succumbing.

Source: Jason Cohen/YouTube

Dr. Solomon reported the incident to NYPD police who promised to follow up. They also talked to another employee at a nearby supermarket.

Unfortunately, the face of the man who dumped the dog is not clear, but hopefully, the footage will provide clues.

Footage of the suspect with the dog can be seen below. Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.

H/T: Bronx Times