Man Puts Peanut Butter On Trees & Booby Traps It With Razors, Baits Dogs & Kids

Cops are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty in the Goodwill Park area in Falmouth, Massachusetts. While conducting surveillance, park officials found a number of sharp razor blades hooked on the bark of trees on patches smeared with peanut butter, possibly in an attempt to bait dogs, wild animals, and possibly even kids.  

Falmouth Department of Marine and Environment shared that a man was seen booby trapping these trees, and then watching triumphantly as many unsuspecting animals fell into the trap and bled from their mouths. Officers have found many squirrels who were hurt after coming in contact with the razors, and it is possible that larger animals were hurt too.


They quickly removed all the razors to protect the animals and the many young children who frequent the park. Cops have now released the photo of the man in action at his baiting station. Please contact Massachusetts Environmental Police if you know anything that can lead the cops to this reckless and sadistic man. Spread the word and help this culprit be arrested and punished for his crimes.

Update: Authorities have updated that Martin McGrath was arrested in connection with the baiting incident. The 64-year-old is slapped with Felony charge of animal cruelty, along with charges for reckless behavior creating a risk of serious bodily injury, and injuries to trees. He got out with just a $500 bail. He will be up for arraignment shortly. We hope he receives a strict sentence for his outrageous act of animal and human endangerment.

Click the video below to watch a report on the arrest of the culprit.